25 years of effective identities.

Click on image for a larger view.

Many of the clients we have provided identity design services for and continue to work with, started with the creation of their identity of service, business or cause. We have had the privilege to work in many sectors including but not limited to; corporate, small start-ups, government, non-government agencies, political parties, unions, non-profit municipalities and the federal government just to name a few.

Logo’s are possibly one of the most challenging graphic assignments, they require you; listen attentively, research needs and competition thoroughly and provide written and visual interpretations of possible approaches to the clients unique stamp. It also requires building a sense of trust, delivering options and providing a sound rationale for ideas presented.

The logo has to work over a much broader media spectrum today including, print (still), the web, multi-media applications, and yes the identity still needs to be effective in large, small, colour, black and reversed white.

We’ve experienced working with brilliant, trusting and savvy clients, producing strong, relevant and highly effective identities. We’ve also occasionally suffered clients who dilute the process through constant requests that lessen the overall impact of the final approved mark, but on the whole the design of a successful logo generally leads to the further development of our clients web, print and ongoing branding needs, in many cases providing for a long term and highly productive relationship.

You can view some of our identity work here. All logo’s are copyright©, registered® or trademarks™ of their respective owners.


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