In just two weeks an annual report and website hit the ground running.

The more time one spends in this business, the higher your confidence becomes in allowing time to provide a creative solution to briefs. Constants such as deadlines, budgets and client aspirations haven’t changed in print or web applications, but there is that constant excitement in winning a project or contract, then the challenge to meet the needs of a particular print or web assignment. You can see in a clients eye, the heightened expectation expressed when they give you the green light, and you feel the confidence of knowing you can and will deliver.

I’m sure this is true in many creatively driven businesses, but I have had the incredible pleasure of living this adrenaline rush for a long time with a long list of diverse clients. Recently having returned from a trip to Europe, I was asked to complete a website and social media channel for a long-standing friend and accomplished Vancouver illustrator Barb Wood (see her new web here) and an annual report for COTBC (College of Occupational Therapists of BC, see full report here), all required, conceived and delivered in an incredibly tight time frame.

A renewed web and blog (click image to enlarge)

As individuals of a collective, Baseline took an incredible risk in going virtual after 25 years – as no success happens in isolation – but the website for Barb, required the combined talents of my associates Andrew Ware, Senior Production Artist and David Lach, Senior Web Developer, to complete effectively and on time.

28-page 2011 COTBC Annual Report (Click to enlarge)

For the effective design of an annual report, there are two requirements, get it out on time (email) and if marketing requires it, an effective print version but above all; be creative within budget and go beyond expectations. I leave you to be the judge of these two recently completed projects, but I think we accomplished all of the above. Both Barb Wood and COTBC went away very satisfied.

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