Concepts cometh before execution…

In 1999 Universal Dynamics (UDL), a leading and successful Canadian engineering firm, provided cutting edge solutions using their patented technology to solve the most demanding issues in the assessment, design and implementation of environmental, instrumental and engineering control for heavy industry.

Sales Brochure (click to enlarge).

Baseline enjoyed an 8-year relationship with the UDL management and marketing team, creating a new corporate identity, providing writing, concept and design for their marketing, training and sales collateral.

Being engineers – a conservative, detailed orientated bunch – we approached each project with an attentive ear, a collaborative spirit and careful assessment of their audience through research and appropriate application of key messaging.

Plain English translations of complicated engineering concepts and emotionally charged call-to-action headlines played an important role in the development of their corporate brochures, sales collateral and interdepartmental sales materials.

During this period, David Lach and I spent a lot of time trouble shooting and word smithing – generally spending more time together than our respective partners probably appreciated – to lay the groundwork for ideas for each project, presented initially as rough conceptual sketches.

We were lucky in dealing with an open and engaged marketing department and a CEO who embraced creative ideas. They were not averse to testing concepts with their established clients to determine appropriate messaging prior to final production.

1999 Corporate brochure (click to enlarge).

1999 saw the increase in growth of businesses supplying crowd sourced stock photography and illustration and in order to differentiate our clients visual communications – but remain competitive to this new era of inexpensive visual resource – I honed my Photoshop skills to uniquely illustrate and position our clients messages.

During the mid to late 90’s, Baseline enjoyed growth in design and production for print, experiencing – over the next 6 years – a 75% growth in revenue, the remainder coming from development of emerging web-based work.

Fast-forward to 2011 and we are seeing quiet the reverse, with 75% of our business from the web. One thing remains the same though, the need for thorough research, clear and understandable writing and dynamic graphic and visual design to tell a compelling story to effectively differentiate our clients message.

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