Concrete Typography and CS4.

As a graphic designer, words have played an important role in my work. Function has always superseded form, clarity and ease of reading uppermost in my consideration of a page layout whether for print or the web.

So it’s no surprise, that I should on occasion be moved to create a more artistic approach when using letters and typographic forms. The following are a series of vector based pieces I created recently, for lack of any other inspirational idea I might have had for this April, Baseline blog.

These would have been very difficult to produce using traditional methods, even with photomechanical processes, the steps required for the necessary transparent layering would have taken days to produce a finished product. The following examples probably took me four hours using Adobe Illustrator and can be easily transferred to any medium in minutes.

live…love…die. good…bad…ugly.

live…love…die. good…bad…ugly. (Click to enlarge).

inspire… inspired… desire. dream…wonder…create

inspire… inspired… desiConcrete Type Combined (Click to enlarge).

Maybe I could make t-shirts with the designs?

warning… danger… alert

warning… danger… alert (click to enlarge).

Concrete Type Combined

Concrete Type Combined (Click to enlarge).

As art students in the 70’s, we where lucky in having access to a traditional typesetting and print department, allowing us to experiment with both metal and wood type composition. The room was huge and contained font and spacer draws, chokes for setting, inks for custom hand printing using various Gutenberg mechanical printing presses. The smells and noises coming from this department where an amazing impression on the senses and the instructors seemed, at the time, as old as the equipment. The last illustration is one of many pieces I produced over what was an exciting foundation year covering typography, silkscreen and stone lithographic printing, etching, photography, life drawing, colour theory, etc.

Wood Block setting produced in 1974

Wood Block setting produced in 1974 (Click to enlarge).



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2 responses to “Concrete Typography and CS4.

  1. Camille Cloutier

    Hello Ian:
    Your writings and examples are wonderful! Bravo! I think you have used LinkedIn to great advantage. I love these typographic art forms — letters creating words creating art. Hope you are well!

    • Hi Camille and thanks for the kind remarks.
      I find that the LinkedIn posts don’t generate a lot of traffic so started an email blast that gets the blog read by a lot more people. Not many comments though, I think people will punch a like button but don’t seem interested in making statements.
      Baseline will be working virtually as of the first of July. The last two years have not been kind in Vancouver, lost too many clients and those I have seem to be continuously cutting back. Time to tend to my garden, Ha! Maybe try and travel a bit more, we are going to England this August and maybe a trip to Italy and Greece or France.
      Are you planning on a trip to Vancouver anytime soon?

      I will write again at more length but have to dash.

      Kind regards

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